Текст песни Stereoliza - Corporate Logic

Our company was just starting a deal
when it occurred my boss to hire me, lady STL
Lost of clever candidates demonstrated
broad vision at selection process go-no-go decision
My sixiest gear pushed on decision's taking
- I'm ready to start, heh, money-making
Miss Thang was gonna start introducing my job:
'Another bitch in the house,
why not a nice baby-pop?'
Shut up, shit, I just thought to myself
I'm a lady STL, I'll give you hell
She went on explaining what is our common dream
Sat back introducing our company's team:
'Yo, nice to meet you, Mr. Low Mr. Tea and Toady-boy!'
I knew they're ultimate dorks, despite all that crap
I had to get to my wizzwork

Припев :

One produces that shit
Somebody gotta use it
And I just sit and spit
And we all do that in the company's interest
Mr. Tea throws a fit
Toady-boy steals a bit
And I just sit and spit
And we all do that in the company's interest

Meanwhile I was surprisingly enthused
By the fact that miss Thang was extremely profuse
Talking 'bout flashy cars and trendy restaurants
What she needs, who she wants,
who's another guy to bonk
After that Mr. Low couldn't restrain
from porno web-sites
Waiting for the colleagues leave the office
and to work nights
Toady-boy was not just curious in this
His investigator's talent never left him in peace
Next morning secretary's giggling in the hall
Resealed the whole story with the message to all
We new that Mr. Tea was jealous, Sir Low ever lower
Miss Thang - just delicious, trying to get over
So I concluded that for well-paid positions
One should abandon all the inner inhibitions
Corporate Logic is something like black box,
But finally I've guessed how all this stupid
system works :