Текст песни Metallica - Damage Case

Hey babe don't act so scared
All I want is some special care
I don't belong to some institution
All I want's a little consolation

But I can tell by your face
I'm a dangerous waste
Let me inside of your place
Move over for a damage caase

Hey babe wait a minute stop
Don't run away, don't call a cop
I ain't looking to victimise you
All I wanna do is tantalise you

But I can tell the space
I'm all over the place
I can tell by your face
Got no time for a damage case

Hey babe don't turn away
I'm here tomorrow, I'm gone today
I don't care what you think your game is
I don't care even what your name is

But I could tell by his face
You were over his place
Let me inside your space
Move over for a damage case