Текст песни Choobakka f Lady J - My Time

Girl you know your eyes are killin me
And every time I look into your eyes
I feel the way you feel me cuz you feelin me

(Lady J)
I never though you felt that way
And you a very special guy and I can tell
just by the things you do and things you say

I see you're not an ordinary girl
And I can tell just by the way you speak to me
that you could be the one to change my world

(Lady J)
I never thought there'd would be a day
Were I would find a brother from da hood
that treat me good and wipe all of my tears away

You see I knew she would be feelin me
But all da cars and all da places
that I took her not to mention all the jewelry

(Lady J)
I can't believe I'm hearin this
I could have talk to any balla but instead
I chose to mess with one that's full of shit

Well I guess you stuck with this
You can't complain

(Lady J)
I can't complain it ain't a thang

See what I told ya she be lovin this

(Lady J)
Don't act like you up on ya game and it's a shame

yeah it's a shame we can't maintain

(Lady J)
But that's okay I guess we feel the same

{Chorus (Lady J)[Choobakka]}
(Don't ever think that you can play me out
And if you feel me ladies let me see you bounce
Don't ever think that you can play me out
And if you feel me ladies let me see you bounce)
[Now if you feel me what I'm say come on bounce to this
All my dirty south ballas come on bounce to this
B.D. will definitely make you bounce to this
Choobakka in the house come on bounce to this]

(Lady J)
Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!
Don't doubt where da ballaz at
I hit you once don't call you back
That's why you on the black
My home girl had to vouch for that
Thought you'd never fall for this
And I had you hit when I lick my lips
If I make u wanna bounce to this
Just to let you know I write my shit

Look at her now she tryna flip
Up here actin like she da shit
Cuz you hot don't mean a thang
I like to see you replace this
Look girl I'm holdin it down
You do your part and stay around
But if not I'm gonna tag the next
See when I say that shit get flexed

(Lady J)
Nigga please, swishers, trees
Don't try to run yo game on me
Now who went down on they knees
Stay beggin me to rescue thee
You know I'm really get sick of this
Every time you get caught up in some shit
I'm da one who supply the chips
Now tell yo boys who bought yo whip

You don't complain when I'm diggin it out
Tell yo girlfriend she's next no doubt
Now baby girl you bought the whip
That's cuz yo credit card is fixed
My game is slick with chicks

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