Текст песни Politic Live - Video Light

feat. Risse
[Dirt Gritie]
With hopes to be a video star, yes, this precious black harlot
More meat for the meat market
The matinees that she played
And the bumps on this road that shorty would take
She worked in the morning, taught dance in the evening
Auditioned for the videos on the weekend
Shorty was choice, light skin real cute
Directors often asked if she would pose in the nude
Was it the art or the sex they would try to pursue?
Stood 5' 6, weighed 132
She had a fat ass and she knew how to move
But one wrong step could throw off her groove
There's some jobs you take and some you refuse
The difference between following and setting the rules
But your patients gone pay off soon stay on your lessons
Next morning got a call for a Sean Paul audition

[Spoken Word ? Young Mav]
Determined she is
For every cent ever paid to an agency
Or dance instructor
For every director or rap star
Who inappropriately touched her
For the sleepless nights
She would sacrifice
To be more than a whore
In the video light

[Dirt Gritie]
Let's take about sex and how it sells
How shorty sold her self short for a bill
In South Africa shorty got'a fuck for a meal
Cause her landlords horny wants some thing to feel
Who cares if she chills?
That's just another vacancy that'll fill he's still paying the bills
If one could escape from the physical realm
And enter to a place where harmony dwells
Then truly we would see that we're living in hell
Big up your self young sister
Life was on the right path but got caught up in a twister
And now you travel through Oz
With the lights, cameras and move stars
Glamour, gilts, whips, licks,
Men breaking you off with chips for dip
Thing is that you lost in the missed of this
When did you become such a ruthless bitch?

[Spoken Word ? Young Mav]
How little attention we pay
To the rose that grew from concrete
As if we too would have come out unscathed
Had her shoes been on our feet
We criticize her means
To get into the industry
But never cared
When we seen her in the streets

What's going on? What's the hold up?
When's it gone be my turn I want a blow up?
The paper said 3:30 I'm here, I showed up
My bag got my gear, headshots, look these sluts
Ain't got nothing on me
I was awarded Miss Edmonton in 93
And graduated to be Miss Grand Prix
Only get manicures from the finest boutiques
See my hair, this is mine, I don't wear no weaves
Why I'm waiting in this line when I got a degree
Still I'm young, got time to chase my dreams
But the more I run the further they seem
To invest my time in vanity things
When they only looking for ass and tit rings
Maybe I think I'll pass on this thing
Go back to class and be queen

[Spoken Word ? Young Mav]
Are you driven by self-esteem?
Or selfish themes?
That promote hair weaves
And lightning creams
Scared of enlightenment
So you lighten they're tint
To be the next video hoe
That your friends resent
Vanity is our demise
So late we realize
We'd all look the same
If we had no eyes

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