Текст песни destruction - Mad Butcher

Mad butcher - a fire is burning in his eyes
His mind is psycholic and the evil will rise
His blood is black it's scalding hot
Now he's got to ramble, he Lenows that's him destiny
Through the backstreets of the town
His steps are slanging
Now he is horny, searching for a flesh
In his hand a blade of steel
Now it's time you're got it to feel
Mad butcher
He feels his driving satisfaction he needs
He's watching your pussy you will be his food
And when he appears you'll think he is a lover
But he likes his strange way of loving, you will decover
You lie on your bed your expectence is rising
But instead of his prick he's taking his blade
Oh he's so tender when he makes love to you
That you can't stand it it's a pity for you

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