Текст песни N U F A N - Nailed Shut

i always thought i had a pitch-black mind surrounding voice change my view i feel fine now, it is a shame how i found out: a) when i was a kid i was full of hate b) couldn't save the teenager that never felt blame c) thought i blazed a path on a dead end street always incomplete d) none of these are an excuse for the person i've avoided and all you fuckers in denial looks like you'll have to get there soon to wait awhile before you send me off in a nailed shut box stopped feeling insecure with what was said indifferent to the voice attatched to the head what we will become, is how we choose fight like a dumb man when you make him think you stay afloat for now, but surely you'll sink with synthetic friends now i conclude, i won't confide in you hypocrite please, you know the truth you're just to happy to decide it like a prediction in a nursery ryhme to shut me up you'll have to wait a whole life time before you send me off in nailed shut box please let me know before you send me off in a nailed shut box please let me know.