Текст песни WashingTones - Dr House

Please doctor House,
Stop playing tennis with my brain
I still don’t feel pain (don’t still)

I’m not a mouse
Without a mouth
I’m not insane
Stop giving me bane

If you don’t care
If you are so keen
I’m gonna steal your vicodin
And have a good time, have a good time
Everyone lies
Everything kills
But I will try your magic pills
Don’t think it’s a crime, not a crime.

Please doctor House
Stop bringing chaos to my soul
Like a black hole

Where is your house?
What do you love apart from this ball
You beat against a wall?


Please, Doctor House
C’mon let’s bouse and I’ll get well
So, so well

You’re so grouse
That I will linger on in this jail
And become hale

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