Текст песни Valerie Aguilar - Movin On

(verse 1)
Baby baby baby when you slipped away
I thought I was sure that day, I thought I could make you stay
I loved you every moment whether was wrong or right
I'd always be up at night hopin' you'd see the light

(pre-chorus 1)
And all these times, they come and go
But people never change, we never know
So someone tell what is real, so babe

Are you stayin, I'm sayin it's time to change
Now are you playin', or waiting to feel this way
Cuz baby I'm seein' you leavin and I got to say
That you can change your song or baby I'm movin' on

(verse 2)
I never thought I'd see this but all of its clear somehow
That you??d be drifting out far from the here and now
Cuz baby what you got, or what you're not, ya see,
It really aint enough for me so ya might have to set me free

(pre-chorus 2)
And sometimes love can come and go
But my heart will never change, this I know
So can you tell me what is real

(repeat chorus)

My love is here, my love is here and what it is wont disappear
I'd never ever go, I'd never ever go
I'm waitin here, I'm waitin here so say the words I want to hear...
I love you I love you, you'll come with me

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